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Metro Cityscapes

Metro Cityscapes is a mobile city-building game inspired by a game I used to play named Megapolis. A large amount of aesthetically pleasing artwork is crucial in this type of game. In addition, every player action/transaction like buying and creating a building is sent to the server and verified, and since each player can make modifications to thousands of buildings, the server requires a significant amount of computing power and storage. That's too big of an investment for me to make and I didn't end up releasing the game. I am, however, considering converting it into a Unity Asset and publish it on the Unity Asset Store.


  • Gestures
  • Building state machine
  • Memory-optimized building timer(can have up to 50K+ buildings in - the scene)
  • Runtime building sprite(texture) and lazy loading from a CDN
  • Game isometric grid movement and collision detection
  • Anti-cheat
  • Bound Constraints